The World is big enough

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)

About me

Dear friend, dear reader,

After working for more than 20 years in the IT business and the last 12 years of it in a leading position with various responsibilities, I decided to give my life some new impulses and challenges. Doing something between traveling and supporting people who are in need of it. And for me South America is the right place for that. Having spend 4 month in several countries on this continent some years ago, it was clear, that I will start this adventure and the new part of my life here.

My spanish needs a bit of improvement, that’s why I spend the first time on the school bench and get myself ready for whatever may come.

This blog is both, giving you information and insights of the various countries, places, the people and their habits as well as the development of my personal and professional evolution.

So stay tuned and join me on my way in the unknown future,


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. So fun to meet you in Ecuador, Carsten. Cuidate mucho. May our paths cross again! –Kendra

  2. Hello Carsten, This is Judy of Harlan and Judy Barton. Katja sent us the link to your Blog because we really wanted to hear about how your are doing, more importantly, what you are up to! We traveled in Ecuador in 1987. Mark was with us. We had a wonderful time and would love to tell you more of our adventures there, and see if things have changed drastically, or are still somewhat the same. Remind me to tell you of a bus trip from Banos to the jungle with Harlan on the back seat of the bus with four guys trying to get him to smoke some pot with them. My best, Judy Barton, Boulder, Colorado

  3. Hola Carsten, Soy Luz, no he podido localizarte en Facebook,

  4. Buenos días Carsten,
    aquí te escribe Inga, una de tus amigas de los tiempos escolares, otra vez. Acabo de ver tu vídeo de Calí y la entrevista con la Radio Mundial. Te estás disfrutando mucho todavía. Que bien! Parece que estás como un conquistador de los corazones latinoamericános. 🙂 Y todavía sabes baillar !!!

    Viajarás a Panamá en poco tiempo. Este es un lugar que me encantó mucho en mis propios viajes. Hay que visitar el Arquipélago de San Blás. Es fascinante!!! Lo hice en un barco de vela con un holandés loco que ofreció vueltas por las islas. Encontré su dirección en un tablón de anuncios en un hostal en Panamá Ciudad. A lo mejor todavía lo hace. Vale la pena…

    Puesto que mis anos de los viajes largos se terminaron, visito lugares bonitos en Europa. Fuimos a La Capa del Norte en verano, sólo unos 2000 km al sur del Àrtico. Ha sido impresionante. Sin embargo, comparto tu afición con Latinoamérica.

    Que to lo pases muy bien, cuídate y disfruta tus aventuras, besos de Inga

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