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Oh, wie schön ist Panama – A Trip to Panama


Hey followers

long time no see and a lot has happened since. Coming back from my hike along the coast of Ecuador I traveled, which usually is not my way of traveling, rather fast. Made my way from central Ecuador to Cartagena on the caribbean cost of Colombia in a bit more than one week. Needless to say that I made my stops in Cali and Armenia where I stayed a long time last year. A sailboat from there was quickly organized and with four other fellow travelers, the captain and two crew member I started a 5 day sailing turn on the evening of November 6 making my way to Panama. First stop after one and a half days on the ocean was the San Blas Archipelago. Geographically Panama, but the Kuna or Cuna people who’re living here in this paradise are independent form the country of Panama and have their own rules and habits including their own language which makes it difficult to start any communication with them. On the 10th I entered the third country on my journey. Panama! And instead of making several stops I went straight to the Isla Boca Brava on the Pacific Coast for a new volunteering job in a Hotel. Next to San Blas another Paradise in this country. Instead of staying there for a couple of weeks, I again ended up staying 3 months painting, serving breakfast and dinner and not to forget, made some christmas cookies and took care of the christmas music in the restaurant during the holiday season and an earthquake inclusive. So nice working a while in Paradise. I called it my Alcatraz of Panama, because I could see the mainland but couldn’t get there! No, it was all but a prison, but there are no grocery stores and no bakeries on the island and getting to the mainland was not impossible but somehow I made it not more than 5 times to the mainland during my stay. Thanks to my boss who once a week got me a supply of Oreo Cookies! On my last night on the Island left another time for the big party in Boca Chica, the fisher village on the mainland. That was also my farewell and Monday last week it was time again to say goodbye to my Boca Brava Family and I left the Island to go to one of the most known tourist spots in Panama. Boquete in the Mountains this time again volunteering in a Hostel. I have to get used to the climate as it is a bit colder than on the coast, but after more than a week I kind of arrived here and might stay again a while at this place.
Now watch the video and see, how beautiful Panama is and stay tuned, there’s more to see from this beautiful country.
Yours, Carsten

Author: the world is big enough

having spend 8 years in the Hotel Business and more than 20 years in the IT Business I needed a change. So this is the beginning of whatever may come!

2 thoughts on “Oh, wie schön ist Panama – A Trip to Panama

  1. Hi Carsten,

    great Islands and video, looks like at the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean ….Enjoy Pananma and thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Carsten, great Video and I fully agree: Knowing not a lot about Panama only: Janosch and “Oh wie schön ist Panama”. So thanks a lot for sharing your video, so I can get an impression of that beautiful country.

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