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Going back in time!

Going back in time and once again going back to Ecuador! And this time going multilingual!

It’s been already a while since I’ve stayed in Riobamba working with the Tour Operator JULIO VERNE TRAVEL making, next to other tasks, videos of their tours and offerings. For several reasons I wasn’t able to accomplish all, but after all two sets in three languages each. In contrast to my “normal” ones these are anything but about me but rather documentaries. The Galapagos video includes but is not limited to film clips of the one I published back in April and comprises way more information about the history of the archipelago and more. Same applies to the Vicuña Trek Film. This was made on a wonderful two-day hike organized by JULIO VERNE TRAVEL and this is just one out of a number of hilarious excursions they provide and organize.

As mentioned earlier I’m happy to provide this in english, spanish as well as in german.

So have a look at the videos in your preferred language or watch ’em all as for me it was a perfect lesson in making translations since the scripts have been provided in spanish only.

And just to let you know, I’m already working on the next video, the first Colombian one!

Yours, Carsten

click here for the videos