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Galápagos – Welcome to another world

Finally I’m online again! Finally here’s the new video! And most important, finally, after 7 month in Ecuador, I made it to the Galápagos Islands the only destination I had on my list on places to go when leaving Germany! And there’s no words to describe this unique place.

After leaving Quito on Saturday 30st early, very early in the morning and arriving at around lunchtime in Puerto Ayora, I started visiting several Tour Agencies to find an affordable cruise to explore the archipelago. Thanks to my Spanish and my pertinacity I got a good deal for a 7-day cruise visiting some of the Islands as you won’t find a cruise visiting all accessible Islands in one trip and anyway the biggest part of the national park is not accessible for anyone, only scientist with special permission can go to these places. So the national park organization tries to protect and preserve the nature and the animals while allowing a certain level of tourism. On Monday I boarded a tiny little boat and started my journey into another world! It is just amazing! Every island has its unique landscape and wildlife and most of the animals you’ll watch are endemic and not to be found in any other place of the world. And because the human beings are not seen as enemies you get very close to all, and I mean all of them, sometimes even too close. Some tourists sadly don’t respect the wildlife and area of the animals appropriately. But thank god, most do! And because I was so fascinated during the first 7 days on board, I immediately started my successful search for a second budget cruise, this time on an even smaller boat and left again after one night in Puerto Ayora for another 8-day cruise.

The list of animals is too big to name all of them here, but surely, I do have my favorites which are the Boobies, mostly the Blue Footed Booby, but also the Red Footed- and Nasca-Booby. Especially the dance of the Boobies to attract the females is uniquely. But also the Frigatebird and the Magnificent Frigatebird is fascinating. Another favorite is the Marine Iguana, the Galapagos Land Iguana and surely the Giant Tortoises. But also the wildlife underwater is fascinating. Watching Sharks almost every day both on board the boat but as well when snorkeling.

My trip took me to the islands of Santa Cruz, Rábida, San Salvador, Daphne Mayor, Bartolomé, Seymour Norte, Mosquera, Baltra, Plaza Sur, Santa Fé, San Cristóbal, Española and Floreana. My favorite definitely is Española the oldest island of the archipelago. Here and only here you can find the Waved Albatross for some months during the year and with a big portion of luck you can even watch their dance! Guess what, I was lucky!!! As well only here the Marine Iguanas are more colorful than on any other island.

Galapagos_Islands_topographic_map-en Kopie

You might imagine, that editing the video this time was so difficult because there too much to show. So find attached the first video of my trip and I decided to not talk too much, but just to show you the beauty and the singleness of this part of the world. Just enjoy watching! I surely will publish some more Videos from the Galápagos to show more of this magnificent place.

In between I returned to the mainland and made my way to Riobamba, my home for the next time.

Yours, Carsten

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