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“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)


Welcome back to life!

Hello everybody

The name of this post is program!

After having had a hard time since the beginning of February I kind of decided that I need to get back to life and that was on Monday last week. Many of you know, that I had an accident on February 2nd in front of the house I’m staying at and was spending some days in the Hospital of Ambato and after that stayed in Baños resting and getting well again. The time spend in Hospital was quite an experience. I wrote a bit about the health system in Ecuador and that I decided to not make use of this in my last post. But as mentioned already several times, it always comes different. So I found myself in bed number 24 of a room with 25 beds and as so many times before also here being the only GRINGO! After one day I took the first look into a mirror and it was then that I understood why doctors, nurses and especially the other patients and visitors were looking pitiful at me! Everybody was so nice, helpful and caring that I never felt uncomfortable at any time. And up from day three there was even a 24 hour police attendance in my part of the room. After having a chat with the officer I found out, it was because of the new patient lying 3 beds next to me who was a prisoner and there was danger of flight. He wouldn’t tell me though, what he’s been charged for and sometimes it’s better to not know all details. After four days I left the hospital and returned to Baños. Meanwhile I’m doing way better again and I started being a bit more active and enjoying again the tranquility and beauty of Baños and the surrounding.

Not having to work I started doing some of the touristy things I couldn’t find the time doing before. After being almost 6 months in the country I finally did my first trip with a Chiva a typical way of doing sightseeing and we really had a great time on this tour.

Here some further information to the video. The place I’m being at is the Plaza 5 de junio in Baños where the market for fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, spices and lots of other stuff takes place. But not on saturdays and for that I was the attraction for the kids playing there at that time and we, especially the kids, had lots of fun!

The ruta de las cascadas is a wonderful way along the river Pastaza and you can find one waterfall after the other and I was told that there is about 60 of them on the way to Puyo, passing different climate zones going down from an altitude of 1.800 meter to 980 meter. I did the tour back in November last year with Claire, Jake and Paul on bicycles and last monday with Cheryl on the Chiva. It’s a beautiful piece of nature. Get some impressions of it in the video.

Finally here’s to thank all who supported me during the last weeks in the hospital, in Baños and in cyberspace!

Again, uploading takes soooooo long, that in between I have been visiting a specialist in a Clinic in Quito yesterday because I’m still feeling dizzy when mowing my head to fast and hearing on my left ear is not very well and after having a number of different checks and having seen the fracture in my head from inside my ear the doctor assured me, that I will completely recover it’s just that I need some patience. About 2 month! Anyway, that was great news for me!!!

Your’s Carsten