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“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)

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When beer meets dogs!

Welcome back to Baños

This is the countdown! On February 8th I have my last working day in the brewery and I will leave Baños after almost four month. I will leave after learning lots about brewing, after having produced more than 10.000 liter of beer, after burning my arms and legs, after some little earthquakes I didn’t even recognize, after being here while the volcano Tungurahua spreading out ashes over the town, after sharing the apartment with several travelers from all over the world and after meeting many people and making new friends.

And before leaving I have to tell you a little bit more about my work in the brewery. And it’s more than just helping out, it’s a full time job! But I enjoyed and still enjoy it and as well makes me a bit proud when people sitting in the bar drinking a beer and I can tell them: “I made it!” So if someone is around here, go to the Stray Dog in the center of Baños and give it a try! And the girl in the Bar sitting behind me did like the beer as well, just not the black one 😉

After returning from the week in Guayaquil on January 1st I spend most of my time working and the plan was to stay here together with Paola, but her Appendix had other plans so I got to learn something about the Ecuadorian health system, the hospitals and especially the differences between being in hospital here and in Europe. And it is way different. You can’t just go by yourself cause you need someone with you doing all the errands. While the service in the public hospitals is for free, the necessary medicine and and tools have to be purchased by the patient. That was me spending a whole night in the hospital of Ambato, buying all that in the nearby pharmacy and bringing it to the operating room. And this was all but like in ER – Emergency Room or Grey’s Anatomy and there were no George Clooney’s or Ellen Pompeo’s running around. But Paola is doing fine again and is waiting for me to return to Guayaquil and at least that was worth all that. And it brought me a couple of times to Ambato, the next bigger city close to Baños where I met the two nice boys Daniel and Roberto, singing at the beginning of the video.

Now see yourselves that I’m not just hanging around doing nothing!

Yours Carsten

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Feliz Año – Happy New Year – Bye Bye Miss Piggy

Hello followers

That was it, that was the year 2012 and that much is clear, it was an exciting year full of changes and unforgettable impressions and that’s how the year should end as well! When I posted my last message I was ready to leave for Guayaquíl to spend christmas and new years eve with Paola and her family. And it was a wonderful week. Thanks to Norma, Wilson, Paola, Michelle and Diego and thanks to the rest of the family and friends who made this week a unique, wonderful and unforgettable experience! The church on christmas eve, the family trip to Cuenca and the ruins of Ingapirca, the party for new years eve, the delicious food and the warmhearted hospitality.

Get at least a few impressions of it watching the video and as usual some additional information. Paola is speaking way more than me but it was maybe because of the camera that she appears that shy and quiet! The fireworks and burning the viejo años lasted the whole night and it was already 4 in the morning when I filmed the scenery in the streets of the southern part of Guayaquíl. And now I have an idea of what it must feel like being in the Schanzenviertel in Hamburg or at the Kollwitzplatz in Berlin on the night to May first! Finally the last part was filmed in the church on christmas eve and one might get an idea of how lively a mess is celebrated in Latin America.

Since January 1st I’m back home in Baños and will stay here another month working in the brewery and I’m ready for new experiences, exciting moments and getting to know more people and friends.

Wishing all of you again a happy new year, all the best, enjoy you life, enjoy every day, enjoy-enjoy-enjoy