The World is big enough

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)


A spanish lesson

It’s almost christmas and I managed to have my newest video ready just right on time to send my christmas and new years wishes around the globe!

What a week in Baños! I wasn’t expecting anything when returning from a weekend in Guayaquíl last sunday night and even didn’t notice, that the dust on the terrace were ashes from the nearby volcano Tungurahua. I even didn’t notice the permanent rumble! But the next morning I recognized, that something was different. The streets were empty but everything was covered with fine volcanic ashes. And it was then, that I perceived the quite unusual sound and the tremor caused by the eruptions. Especially monday and tuesday the activity was unmistakeable and it caught all my attention and I couldn’t find time to finish my next video. It’s not over now, so there’s no heavy eruptions but still lots of ashes and steam coming out of the crater. Thanks for some rain and the wind that currently blows in a different direction, the air is clean again and one can go outside without inhaling ashes with every breath or wearing a dusk mask.

Besides that the last 2 1/2 weeks were packed with brewing beer, meeting friends, birthday parties and moving within the house from one apartment to the next and to the next. Good thing though, because the ashes of the volcano are getting everywhere and because my stuff was in my backpack they’re ash-free!

Now I’m getting ready for christmas. I will leave on monday morning for Guayaquíl to spend christmas and new years eve with Paola and her family and therewith far away from the danger zone of any volcano.

So here’s to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year and enjoy watching the video.

Feliz navidad, Carsten


Garage sale, kids and beer

Patience is something you need to have when working with the slow internet connection in Ecuador and  it took me three days to get my new video uploaded! But finally here is the next edition!

It has been another two weeks in Baños and as said in my last video I’m not ready to leave! There’s so many reasons for that and maybe you get an idea of that when watching the video! Even being at one place, every day brings new adventures and I’m learning stuff I didn’t think of when coming here. And funny is that I had to come to Ecuador to get into something which is so typical in my hometown Munich.

And again some information to the video. The earnings of the garage sale are used for renovating the school and for buying books for the kids. So it’s all spend in favor of the kids, that was worth being the niñero for four hours. And niñero means nanny to get that clarified as well. I don’t know if there’s another word for male nannies as well!

So now enjoy watching the video and I try to be a bit faster with the next edition.

Yours, Carsten