The World is big enough

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)


Good morning Baños!

Welcome back! Puh! It had been two busy weeks and somehow I wasn’t able to finish my next blog – but here I’m back again – and, I’m doing well!

Next to my classes I did some excursions to the surrounding of Baños, but I will cover that in one of my next blogs. This time I’m showing another cultural part of ecuadorian life. “El minuto cvico”, a ceremony that is held in governmental places like public authorities and schools. Watch the video to find out, what this is about. At this place a special thanks to the security guys of the city hall of Baños and to the director of the “Instituto Technico Superial Oscar Efren Reyes” for allowing me to attend and take videos of the ceremonies and to the kids of the Escuela de aplicación pedagógica “Dr. Misael Acosta Solis” for their wonderful contribution.

Time in Baños is more or less over and I will plan my next step in the upcoming days and maybe use the school-free-time for some more excursions.

Finally the final part of the video was taken in a store here in Baños but because I was talking nuts, couldn’t use any of that other than for what’s been shown in the video!

And a tip for those who have problems viewing the video because of network speed – just switch HD off!

Again enjoy watching the video and hasta pronto,

yours, Carsten


A special weekend in Baños

The last weekend marked the end of a month of processions and celebrations for “La Virgen de Agua Santa de Baños”, the patroness of the people here. Therefore it was almost impossible to go out without bumping into one of those activities. And for me enough reason to dedicate this weeks video to this topic. So I was visiting some of the major events such as the mess on Friday on the cemetery in the occasion of the “día de los muertos”, the procession in honor of the virgin on Saturday and the “fiesta” afterwards. This is one of the busiest times during the year as for these final celebrations many tourists as well as people from all over the country come here on a visit. The celebrations here are way different compared to those in many other countries, as it’s not all about drinking and eating but more about watching and listening. Drinking in public is not allowed at all and for that everything is way more civilized but not at all cheerless. The most crazy thing is the “vaca loca” (the crazy cow) which is not to be confused with the “mad cow disease”! Watching the video you get an idea of that yourselves.

It’s already two weeks that I got here so halftime and there’s still much more to do and to explore so it won’t be boring at all without celebrations and depending on the weather I still have a huge list of activities to accomplish and places to visit before leaving for the next destination.

And as usual some further information to the video: The volcano I’m standing in front of is the Tungurahua, currently sleeping but every now and then erupting and experts are prognosticating further activities. Climbing not allowed! The last smaller eruption was just 3 months ago and the previous big one in the year 2006. The thermal spring I’m at is the “Piscinas El Salado” at the foot of the volcano and if you want sit skin to skin in turbid hot smelly water, getting kicked by kids as well as their parents, go there on a weekend! During the week it’s way more relaxing though! And finally the statue shown at the beginning of the video is another “Virgen de Agua Santa” sitting on a hill overlooking the city. There’s a way with some several hundred steps to get there, the view is worth it.

Now enjoy watching the video and learn a bit more about the ceremonies in Baños.


Yours, Carsten