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Baños – my first impressions!


Hola followers!

This time just a short update of my first days in Baños. Because I will spend here a month, there’s much more to come about this lovely, quiet place with so nice people. I know already some of my neighbors and it’s nice to walk on the streets and being greeted by people from Baños and having a chat with them. Feels a little bit like home! I love the tranquility, the climate and the safety and the surrounding is so beautiful. There’s much to do especially in the outskirts and I will try to do as much as possible in the upcoming weeks. But as in Quito, I go to school and therefore have to schedule most of the activities on the weekends. But visiting one of the SPA’s or hot springs is even better during the week and for that I definitely find the time as well.

And just a few information about Baños. This city is located 3 1/2 hours south of Quito (distances are here normally measured in driving hours by bus), it’s on an altitude of 1.800 meters in a valley at the food of the volcano Tungurahua that erupted just some months ago. Baños is a place of pilgrimage and there are many processions in honor of the “Virgen de Agua Santa” and especially the month of October is all about the virgin and there are processions, fireworks and celebrations every day. The principal source of income is the tourism for both, travelers from Ecuador and all over the world and therefore the city is full of hostels, hotels and travel agencies. But during the week it’s a quiet and relaxing place.

So I do enjoy my stay here, especially after the noise, pollution and danger in Quito!

See you again here on the blog, hasta luego,

yours, Carsten

Author: the world is big enough

having spend 8 years in the Hotel Business and more than 20 years in the IT Business I needed a change. So this is the beginning of whatever may come!

3 thoughts on “Baños – my first impressions!

  1. Carston – Baños is beautiful! Glad you’re feeling fit again and your new hairdo looks great! I’m enjoying watching your videos, I hope you are enjoying making them.

  2. Es muy impresionante, deberia visitarla,

  3. Big hug babe! Love the videos 🙂

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