The World is big enough

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it” (Mahatma Ghandi)


!Quito, todavía estoy aquí!

Welcome again to my video blog edition number 5! Still in Quito and still doing great! Just the fact that I’m without water since this morning for whatever reason. So no shower in the morning, which actually saves a lot of time 😉 !!! Thank god, I have some bottles of water in the fridge so at least brushing the teeth and coffee in the morning is not yet a problem! Hope, that can be fixed tomorrow!!!

Now some additional information to this weeks video: First of all, sorry for the quality of the video, guess I  changed something in the camera-setting which was not a good idea. So I pressed the reset all button this morning, the next video should be again in the good quality!

For all not Germans – the beginning of the video is based on a very famous german Kids-TV-Program, therefore I did that in german. But all information is covered in the video later on.

The place of the REAL equator is in a museum called “Inti ñan” – There’s no information at the official “Mitad del Mundo” but it’s just a 5 minute walk from there. Ask for it, everybody at “Mitad del Mundo” knows that place!

There is no videos of “La Mariscal” at night, because strolling around at night is not too safe, but especially with a video camera you’re an obvious target. So it’s better not to challenge that!

Finally – the sunset at the end of the video is taken from my desk at the place I’m currently staying at. Every day a bit different but always beautiful and a nice distraction while doing homework!


Yours, Carsten


Quito II

It’s the second week in Quito and I started my spanish lessons at a language school here in town. That means, I will spend some more time here and this gives me the chance to explore the city, the people and the surroundings more extensively. Today I’m gonna take you on a walk through the “Centro Histórico” of Quito, giving you some more impressions of the place I’m currently living at. Enjoy and stay tuned to see and learn more about this place, the people, the culture and beyond!

!Hasta pronto!

Yours, Carsten


!Benvenido a Quito!

On September 12th I left the USA and flew to Quito! Quito is the capital of Ecuador with approximately 1,8 million inhabitants. It’s in the middle of the Andes on an altitude of 2.850 meters, surrounded by volcanos lots of them still active. It’s located 22 kilometers south of the equator the “Mitad del mundo” and is taken as the reference point for measurement of the globe.

Some clarifications to the video: The volcanic cone in the old center of Quito is called “el Panecillo” and the altitude is 3.085 meters above see level. The “teleférico” brings you to the “Antenas” on an altitude of 4.000 meter and is supposed to be the highest cable car in South America. The volcano you can hike from here is the Pichincha the so called local mountain.

The volcano Cotopaxi is not the most active, but with an altitude of 5.897 meters the highest active volcano of the world.

And now, enjoy watching the video,


Das war die Auswandererparty!


Der Abschied und der Beginn von etwas Neuem!

Danke allen, die diesen besonderen Abend mit mir verbracht haben und auch all denen, die leider nicht dabei sein konnten! Danke allen, die mir für Notfälle ein Bett, Sofas oder Gästezimmer bereithalten. Ich werde euch in Gedanken mit in den Flieger nehmen, und wenn ich mal Heimweh bekomme, weiss ich, da sind ein paar ganz ganz liebe Menschen und Freunde, die in Gedanken bei mir sind und die auf mich warten!

Muchas gracias y hasta pronto,